the killers

yeah, ,... work it out.

we love u dire straight

poetic justifications for inaction

The only place I've found poetry this millennium is in a title - and how. To easy answers, driver. Follow that bloody discharge. It's running a corporation like a running sore, consider it a run scored, I'm running to the mama matrix most mysterious, that's where I'll be safe.

So I felt lost because I forgot what holding a cigarette felt like. Because I'd forgotten what jonesying felt like. Except in the philosophical sense. Which seems to penetrate the deepest. And poetry takes a cut.

The only thing I can think to do is to take purpose in Pink Floyd. Learn a bunch of new live music tricks, get a second board like the college prof moonlight musician suggested. Maybe not worry about steel-toed boots just yet. See what shape this landscape is in, see what contours I form as a fluid, fluid is fine, I think, I'm fine with it, the path of least resistance. When resisting does not seem futile, I will... Uh. Huh. When woodsprites are sonic soul. Well. Spring? A new way to say hoooray? Let's not do concepts. But can we meander? I don't know if we can.

I don't see any particular appealing apocalypse. I don't see no career path. I don't know where these curves lead. To steel-toed boots? To job training programs? To George Street? I don't know. I'm lost. The bronze standard of tired, so I guess I'll sleep, via the vallie so low.

Super Mario Galaxy

is a well-designed game. They even incorporated "speed runs" into the gameplay, as a bonus level option. There, I said it. Now what?

heya.. i am back..

on my aol dial-up, ya fuck u , molly hatchet rules this a.m.
why? cuz i am in cousin hickey's garage! just a bit east of dekalb.

Holy Cats!

so i take the google trip to old stomping grounds once in awhile.. yes, that would be .de. germany. Gie├čen, Germany, home of The Busters Baseball Club, one great bratwurst stand, Turkish cuisine (if you have the right connections).. & a whole new lang:
so DeNnIsDaNiEl @ youtube\ 3.4 Bier Normal
you have lame dance moves, & though
yer video
incorporates - a longing for humane @ economic correctness, you best step it up a notch.