spring & summer 2016 I discover:

"Haul" videos on youtube! I'm always a day late & a dollar short. but wtf? people make these videos right in their vehicle immediately after making a 'haul', (like taking a dump) before starting the vehicle to drive home, imma just do this haul vid right here, in the mall parking lot! some people do HUGE HAULS! TINY HAULS! Luxury Hauls! I think I found this phenomenon by searching for simple product reviews. I have to admit, because I don't own a tv I do watch a lot of things on my laptop and one of my new favorite shows is (it isn't new anymore it is already old) WIFE SWAP (the UK wife swaps are the best!) another good one. i was talking to my sister (the one that lives in germany) today, and she said, you need to check out the german wife swap episodes... so I just did and the first one I clicked on ...... you won't understand the language but give it less than 5 minutes and you will see the action.. hey ho! add "cringe compilations" to my list. < girl is twerking in a pair of thin, white leggings, farts, & surprise. let me find the one with the crazy chicks. i mean we are talking some serious schizophrenia HERE! BRONIES! sometimes I'm grateful for 'internet-delayed'.