My favorite music finds in 2013:

Foxygen - I think I am almost over my Foxygen crush. I discovered them on while putting together a set of folksy 60's sounding songs. All because of a song called, Blue by First Aid Kit. Which lead me to, No Distruction by Foxygen. For some reason that song just stuck in my head, I think I just like the Dylan vibe that I get from it. So I ended up watching my first Foxygen video on youtube and fell in love with the recycled freshness of that band. Theirs was the first music I actually paid for, in over 7 years! And thanks to all these social media sites, I instantly got caught up in Sam (Jim Morrison's secret grandson) and Elizabeth's, big, break-up drama! It was my favorite online love/hate story for a solid 2 months, if not longer. I think Elizabeth should play Stevie Nicks if anyone ever makes a movie about Fleetwood Mac! Okay .. moving on ... *sigh* Number 2 - Jason Abraham Roberts - I first spotted him in a Norah Jones vid. He is the guy playing the guitar next to Norah. Is he not a doll?! Besides being in a couple of bands, he teaches guitar in NYC. Yeah.. I found his page on one of those job listing sites. He exudes such sweet naivete & energy. I'd do him. In 2013, I fell in love with a live version (The studio version is not as powerful.) of this song - The Observatory - by a band called, Filligar. I find their, all-americana, wholesomeness, very attractive. They would be perfect for a, Ford s-150 commercial, or something along those lines. : ) I mean that in a positive way. Comedian - Superwoman! She reminds me of a nurse I used to work with. Jerry-Lewis's-granddaughter, comedy (I mean that in a good way). and .... LiL' DEBBiE! LOL.. that her with DollaBillGates, she collaborated with RiFF RAFF too. . Favorite "U-Know-U-Made-It-When-Yer-On-the-Letterman-show" group: Die Antwoord (feel the ZEF!) I'll be back with some dark 'likes', and to see what you guys found in 2013! Where is everyone? come out and play, even if you just hate on my likes, lol!


  1. First post in 2014! Try not to skrewer it too hard!

  2. hey tasha - nice to see you posting here - tight, tighttighttighttight! i'm still waiting for the rare form of energy i need to add to it myself