UPDATED creepy yet extremely interesting:

So of course none of the following songs/bands that I am going to mention, were created in the year 2013.. they are old news already, but you know me, always and forever out-of-time! However, I did discover them in 2013, therefore they made it onto my 2o13 creep-out list! NUMBER 1 - Salem: Jack Donoghue, Heather Marlatt, John Holland (isn't there a porn star named, Holland?). (doom, witch-house, sludge) I don't remember exactly how I came across Salem's stuff. I think it was one of those, start-out-on-the-main-highway but somehow ended up on a dark, unmarked, pot-holed, one-lane, dirt road. Lost. Alone & Frightened! My introduction to Salem came by a video called Tair. I was instantly intrigued.. "witch-house".. wow. I didn't even know there was such a genre! So I drove-clicked, around, with an actual purpose in mind - to find pics of the band, and when I saw them, I became even more intrigued. Two guys and one chic, looking all drug addiction like, plus all the unsavory things that go along with that lifestyle. I don't feel as though this vibe is, all gimmick. Unlike Ben Ratliff from The New York Times who says in this 2010 article, "Salem - making shrewd and naïve into the same thing." or something to that effect. And then I searched and found that tell-all interview in Butt Magazine. AND OMG! LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND! what a ..... ( her, not him, he is cute, lol) gosh I didn't mean to turn this into a gossip post, but there is more ---> " #pray4jack " stuff.. what the hell?! I don't think this band has put anything out since 2011.. No wonder. Something definitely has a strong grip on him. Alcohol and drugs .. the devil's tools. oh and have you ever heard the term, "rapegaze"? and next we have # 2 - even more than creepy - everything about these fat ass bozo dicks make me sick. can you imagine stumbling across this video and seeing your daughter deep-throating that huge dildo? So disturbing.

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