pull this string

been wanting to see no strings attached for a couple of reasons. one, it has dreamy ashton k. in it and two i wanted to see if it reflected in any way my own exploration of the of the phenom.   so yeah, ashton's a hotty, all the way through. the almost nude scene shows as much of him as the genpop is ever gonna see (or at least until someone releases a post breakup sex tape  ), including a nice tight and mid shot of his ass. sorry guys, the most you get to see of natalie portman is bra and panties..i mean bra. i can't figure out why this movie was rated r,unless it was to warn  parents to avoid seeing it with their teens because, as my 17 yr old noted, "this is sorta uncomfortable territory". but uncomfortable makes good comedy.

  my partner in sex and i laughed a lot and not just because we recognised the situations. when she says i don't want anyone to know about this  , he turns up at her work with a congratulations balloon. when he says to a passerby 'we're just friends with benefits ya know?" the guy replies, without a skipping a beat, 'that never works out'.  it's so modern! txt messaging, facebook, ipad product placement, a movie star father, tv shows and doctors as jobs. she's an MIT grad, he went to michigan state. the settings are very contrived , sort of reality show meets reality show, but the acting is first rate. comedy. fun. download it. i gotta get to work.