deaf, please

i will name my firstborn after whomever can find me a poetry audiobook that isn't read by someone with all the emotion and feeling of the local traffic report. the world needs more poets to read poetry and record it. normal, bland, boring people can't do it justice, and i ache every time i hear a good poem slaughtered. i can't find a single audiobook of poetry on itunes or audible that i feel is worth downloading. can anyone help? do you have any favorites?


jangled gladmess - tight sealed goodness - it did happen, one time

the world is moving far too slow for my taste - maybe the magic is around another bmw contour, maybe it's in an air force one contrail, that's the right idea anyway, bishop takes queen

10 seconds in

itunes needs a preview mode for songs. like you put your library on shuffle and it only plays the first 10 seconds of each song, until you stop it and play the one you actually wanted to hear, instead of having to hit skip a brazillion times a day. just throwing that idea out there.

psych is pretty hilarious. i'm almost done with season 2. kinda crushing on james roday. i'll admit it. 

anyway, merry christmas, y'all. have a fabulous cover of "baby, it's cold outside" by allo' darlin to celebrate - just the female vocals, puts a great spin on it, i think. 

i think i'm crushing on this chick too. she's got a gorgeous voice. i'll ask for that for christmas. 

village inn's revision of their chocolate cream pie

totally sucks. what'd they do, put gelatin in it, like... extra gelatin? that's chocolate jell-o, not chocolate pudding. and don't try to tell me otherwise. fucking with a completely fine pie already. what's wrong with you, village inn, besides the obvious? at least you're not a waffle house.