deaf, please

i will name my firstborn after whomever can find me a poetry audiobook that isn't read by someone with all the emotion and feeling of the local traffic report. the world needs more poets to read poetry and record it. normal, bland, boring people can't do it justice, and i ache every time i hear a good poem slaughtered. i can't find a single audiobook of poetry on itunes or audible that i feel is worth downloading. can anyone help? do you have any favorites?


  1. interesting - i've never heard a poetry audiobook - but i have been at a lot of poetry readings - i would suggest, if you can, find poets reading their own work - there's no substitute for that

  2. yeah, my problem is that i want to find a lot of the old classics on audiobook. it's hard to find a copy of Shelley or Keats or Lucretius or Euripides reading their work these days... lol