if anything...

i'm even more into nevermore than i ever was a month ago, therefore, i will embed another one:

cause i'm rockin tha fuck out to this song right now! aaaaaaayaaaah! fuck, i know this sounds cheesy to some people, to me too actually, but it's also incredibly cool at the same time - the lyrics do have depth, and i'm not even feeling guilty for liking this, cause i'm too busy ROCKING! shamelessly - i'm going back to their album from '96, the "most progressive" according to wikipedia, and i'm loving it - yeah, no guilty pleasure, just pleasure - something about this music is invigorating me lately

at the same time, i'm not as into the new mars volta as i was a little while ago, i'm getting bored of that one - and missing their earlier work - i guess i miss the longer songs, and more elaborate arrangements and epic-ness - not saying that "nocturniquet" was bad, it was well done, they're going for more textural stuff, more studio stuff, more palettes i guess, but they're losing some musicality with that - it's good for what it is, but not quite as much my cup of tea - the songs i do like on that album are the more epic ones - that's why i still like the album

well, back to the nevermore, for ever more - maybe another month anyway