my life as a seth rogan movie

sometimes i do think i'm
walkling into an episode of jackass
when i come into the kitchen
and tj's got the gas mask
on his face.

it's a felony to own this
he says, as he dons it
and raises the bong
to the filter hole.

flash to the thirty cops
patrolling the streets between
indian rocks beach and the bayou.

well, just make sure you
keep it inside
so no one knows  you got it.

expelled with the skunky scent
of whaterver crack grade dro
is being peddaled tonite.

he queries, holds
his blue eyes rimmed in red
bright inside insectoid lenses.
do you think  i look like an elephant in this?

yeah man,
i answer
better watch your ass.
the RNC's in town

--wanted to write a review of the RNC & related  activities in tampa, but, meh, this is close enough.

nighttime driftoff thoughts and half a review

there's something sacred about the body, my body, even, for all that it plagues me - what an excruciating love-hate duality... supposedly sub-psychoactive doses of antihistamine ephedrine and dissociative cough suppressant knocking down a cold tonight, among other things - a far cry from what i used to inflict on my body - can't imagine where it would be today if i'd kept on that regimen - where we'd be... it gives me such pain and pleasure - a cage? inseparable from my mind? i dunno - it let me know, i guess, it couldn't take the recreational medication anymore - it let me know in a sneaky way, because the physical symptoms weren't enough, it let me know through my mind, it shut off the dopamine circuits

a tragedy about this new younger brother album though, "vaccine", it's so fucking great, except the vocals are horrible - oh my god, if i could just edit out the vocals - i guess this is what people like these days - no it doesn't sound like nick drake, nick drake doesn't make me want to smash things - this guy does, because it's so annoying and omnipresent it destroys every track - so sensitive... oh so sensitive, like a simulacrum of soul - so sensitive i want to numb it to oblivion through repeated blows to the head with blunt objects - shut up you stupid vocalist! oh why oh why is the music so good and the voice so bad? why can't they get that guy out of there? cause it's such perfect mood music for right now

i'm glad i'm not up on the trends, or in lockstep with the random history walk that says everything must sound like this now - a little scrap of pride not to be influenced by every damned thing

this is to go along with the words: funk & skewering heh

I sort of fell onto this video, again, today. Now don't get me wrong, I love Marc Bolin to death, he was/is one of my favorite song writers. . But this video cracks me up.. I don't know what is funnier, the way the back-up singers take over the song, the fat womam slapping the stage, or what I perceive to be, Marc having a James Brown moment!