horrible creation bestowed

i stopped watchin the daily show and colbert for a while around christmas. didn't like the feeling of addiction so i dropped it. easy to do when the boys take so many vacations it makes me jealous. but i'd do the same if i could get away with it. such a boomer.i find myself again depending on comedy to ease the pain of the current electoral seasons.

it's not just the ridiculous rightwing posturing of the contenders or the skeleton parade of ironic sins uncloseted by fellow sinners. all are sanitized by the congregation for lechery and betrayal while fiscal deviation into socialism and across the ailse cooperation remain deadly. no, those are easy comedy targets, jokes by existence. business as usual.we all expect our politicians to betray us.

I need me some comedy about the war on women. wtf man? feeling squeezed, mr parson? afraid the ladies auxillary's gettin too uppity? maybe they just need to have them a creation bestowed on them. you look like a good man for the job. tell me, have you stopped beatin your wife? cuz if you have, we might have to rethink the offer. john oliver does his analysis of "you'll have to carry your rape baby" with much more finesse.

i watch jon about a day or so behind. i just saw thurs feb 25. the whole week he's been watching the contraception debate . it's jaw dropping that we have to revisit this again, and i gotta say, i hope santorum is the nominee. if he is obama's a shoe in. ain't nuthing like a culture war to get the vote out. i'ma stay tuned, but i think jon's rootin for romney. dunno why, santorum would make better comedy fodder.

bright idea - mother mother

for us mother mother fans, their latest single.