(kwûrk) E

i have always loved this quirky, one-hit wonder. i don't remember ever seeing this particular video before, but i am happy to say, i adore it! all of it, from the way it was shot, to the fish-net top and pink, shiny, silk scarf, to the boots, to the piano, to the bass, to the bottle blowing, the mutton chops and notSOperfect teeth! it just makes me happy! and wikipedia says that the band's name, Mungo Jerry was inspired by the poem Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer, from T. S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. now how cool is that?!

this band is SO much better than i thought they were

i kind of liked them 8 years ago because they had a song about timothy leary, but then i didn't give them much thought for quite a spell - but upon revisiting, holy godDAMN they're good - the guitar solos, oh my god! all the wankiness you want from metal, but then they'll go into weird scales and arpreggiated permutations of the melodic motifs in every conceivable configuration - and you can actually hear what the singer is singing! yeah, it fuckin rocks, that's all i wanted to say - many others have written much better reviews - i'm tired of writing, and a lot of things, but i can listen to a good metal album alright, and fucking appreciate how much it fucking rocks! yeah, okay, a not-totally-contrived exclamation mark, but i've already exceeded my quota for today - sometimes i forget about music though, and then i remember again, for a moment