it takes effort to write reviews - to write crafty reviews - to exercise craftsmanship - i have to really want to - and lately i don't, want, to, do, much, of, anything, really,, commas, are, slowing, my, metabolism,, lulling, me, to, sleep, or, supine, inert, inaction. Everything broken up in winces, or pinches of flab, sniffing of finger tips, I should go back to smoking cigarettes, shouldn't I, wouldn't it solve everything, don't you think? It's okay, nobody reads or posts here anyway, that's the way the cookie crumbles. When I'm a critic again, the venue will still be standing around, like a Chinese neo-city, ready for expected life.

For now there ain't no crafts going on in this workshop, there's the assembly line, and there's assigned tasks, there's a system, if you got any questions, RTFM. I give this mood a D minus.


  1. i am kind of shy when it comes to posting reviews.. unless i am 3.4 Bier Normal. heh. so.. how does one post a review here?

  2. hey tasha

    i sent you an invite for membership of this blog, via gmail (i used the address in your blogger profile) - if that email exists, check it - i would love some more reviewers - i'll write some again when i'm in the mood