So this morning, I find out, while looking for some music to share, that I have missed the farewell tour for Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, a.k.a. Owen Ashworth. I didn't even know he was calling it quits! I'm quite bummed. But I don't blame him. He'll do something else, just under a different name.

So thank you, Owen, your first two albums are some of the very favorite albums in my music collection. You were music I found myself. Music I shared with people, music I still want to share with people. Thank you for taking an icon from growing up in the 80s like a casio keyboard, and adding more depth and feeling to it with your music than anyone probably ever realized was even possible. You did with it what John Darnielle couldn't ever quite do. And I love you for it.

(P.S. Had to add the first song I ever heard of his: "Jeane, If You're Ever In Portland.")

But honestly, I was more heartbroken when The Delgados split up and died.


  1. they died? or, the band died? i hope they're still alive... was listening to the album you sent me yesterday

  2. music you find yourself ~ is your heart ~
    love this song ~ Chels. the lyrics are .. a heart ripper. and the sound/flavor ~ the velvet underground! i love this song!

    : )

  3. Glad you like it, Tash!

    The band died, Hectorio. Broke up a few years back, started the label chemikal underground in Scotland. Decided they'd rather make other people's music instead of their own, since they couldn't get along anymore.