this record

erin and deon

  so i put it on as background and the first minute or so is dreaming then erin  skips & scratches into    a public announciation,  this record is black and unfinished,  the heavy bass, the sweet delicate jazzy piano needle straw drums buzz and fuzz in foreground. the fixing, the recording, the hymnal touch , negation as confirmation wording black healing unbroken, unfinished not the same thing. break it down with a metal funk skeletal step. prog metal flying on metabophiled wings.


  1. hey, thanks for reviewing our track! erin is someone i work with at for the love of learning, she basically runs the drop-in center - i'm trying to cobble together a collaborative album involving people that come in, but collaborators have been scarce, although there have been a few awesome exceptions, and i've allowed myself to get on other tangents - but i hope to get it together in the next few months, now that i'm in recording mode again, and obsessively learning new software

  2. cool sounding project, if i had a mic i'd record something and send it to you to play over. if i knew how to record something and send it to you. i always want to review your tracks. this time, i did!