Mandy. Watch it.

Everyone has to watch it. Cause I just did. And am mind blown. Maybe it was made for me personally. Maybe that's what billionaires do, order a psychedelic prog-rock horror action epic from their favorite film director, then put Nicholas Cage in it cause they can. But I'm only a thousandaire, and yet, here it is. I won the lottery - all the lotteries I win in lieu of anything real. But hallucinations can be better than real. I can make them better if I try. Try harder.

I saw a lot in that movie, my dipstick got lubed good. I saw a hundred lot, an immaculate sheet of blotter paper in ten by ten perforations, under the surface of a neat shallow rectangular tray glistening with colorless, odorless liquid.

No, it was 5 x 20 squares. Man, they've wrong'd you, he said. Damn, why they gotta be like that? And gave his blessing on a necessary counter balance on behalf of darkness, skulls gotta be crush'd, black armored aliens gotta be arrow'd, the only thing you have left on this whole Jovian moon is a bottle of vodka, so slam that monster-fucker til the pain fades enough to get up and rage, and duel with chainsaw blades.

And that is my review.

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