Doom Metal Alliance reviews Ravenhead's "Catharsis"

review here --- fucking blogger formatting, why can't i just turn the image into a link to the review?

anyway, that was a nice review - i'm blushing!
i think some of the album is online here


  1. I told you, you're gonna be famous. You're already amazing.

    "This track features some great dreamy keyboard sounds in the background that are perfectly mixed and balanced to give off a feeling of pure melancholy and sadness."

  2. P.S. The link on the RavenHead myspace page to download the album 404s on your site.

  3. This is the greatest album never heard. The download page has been offline for months!

  4. whoops - okay, i finally got off my ass and fixed that myspace link - the whole album is in a subfolder on my site now - same link: