T-Rex-Mambo Sun


  1. Electric Warrior - the album this song is on - is one of those albums that I'll get a hankering to listen to every three months or so. Marc Bolan was such a deliciously trashy person, and his music is deliciously trashy. You should have HTC tell you the story about T Rex sometime, if he hasn't already.

    Thanks for sharing, Tash!

  2. Hi Chels.. he has not told me that story. I like Marc Bolan's lyrics. and the drummers were cute! take care,
    luv, tash

  3. glad you're keeping the fire burning, chels and tasha - i will return with a vengeance, once i've settled back into st. john's

    the t rex story? hmmm, i guess you mean the time that me and luc were watching youtube videos, and he introduced me to that awesome bauhaus video of telegram sam, and then we scanned for covers, and stumbled upon this live t-rex version that horrified us into silence... and finally, luc said: "this song gives me the NO feeling" - and i laughed and laughed and laughed